Jubilee Seminar 22 August 2016

Exactum, Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2b, Helsinki, 13:15–16:00


On 25 August 1991 Linus Torvalds, a computer science student at the University of Helsinki, wrote for the first time about an operating system that he is developing. Therefore we celebrated the world domination of Linux and its 25th anniversary on 22 August 2016. After the Jubilee Seminar a plaque was unveiled outside the Linus Torvalds Auditorium, consisting of a photograph of Linus Torvalds and a short biography. A web version of the plaque can be found here.


Linux 25 years fund

We have established a Linux 25 years fund, the revenue from which will be used for scholarships for students of the University of Helsinki. Do you want to participate? Make a donation!



— Professor Martti Tienari


Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki

For more information contact Patrik Floréen, Patrik.Floreen@Helsinki.FI.

Exactum 1st floor

Photographs: Veikko Somerpuro (Tarkoma, Jaakkola, Exactum), Salvatore Ciancio (Wirzenius)